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Coaches Suggestions

This is a list of items that we have compiled from several different sources. If you have more information that you have found helpful we would be glad to hear from you

First Aid Kit (Prepare your own or pre-packaged)
Ice bucket with ice cubes and baggies or some Instant Ice Packs
Cloth tape
Ace Bandages and/or Cohesive Bandages (sticks to itself, no need for fasteners)
Gauze pads- variety of sizes
Bandages of all sizes and shapes....
(knuckle and fingertip type as well as the usual)
Antibiotic ointment. (one-time use packets- no contamination)
Scissors (to cut bandages and tape)
Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves
Safety Pins
Enrollment forms for all the kids
(w/ health insurance & emergency info on them)
Paper bags for hyperventilaters
CPR Mask/Shield

Consider these additions:
AED- Automated Electronic Defibrillator
Infection Control Spill Kit/Biohazard Spill Kit
Celox to help stop bleeding quickly
Eye wash, contact solution, small mirror
Have any asthmatics on team give you one of their breathers
(in case they forget their own)
Medicated Baby powder - chaffing & feet
Rubber bands or coated hair bands
Blist-O-Ban or Mole skin - for blisters
Emergency contact numbers for your area
Large Tongue depressors - useful in mud games to clean cleats
A couple of butterfly Band-Aids - to close facial cut
Triangular bandage for sling
Small vial of second skin or super glue
(liquid that quickly dries and forms protective layer over cut)
Sunscreen of a high SPF#.

*Unless you have a spare uniform at a game or practice it would be wise to have a way to disinfect clothing that gets soaked with blood on the spot - 1 part bleach mixed with 10 parts water (NOT ahead of time) works well