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September- National Preparedness Month

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Just a quick little note to let everyone know that we know how busy you are. We all try to stuff as many projects, meetings, and even our fun time seems to be more scheduled than what I ever remember life when I was younger. Sometimes I long for the good old days when we weren't tied to our technology like we are today. Not only is it good to unplug so you can give your family and friends the attention they deserve, but it is necessary in today's busy lifestyle to do it so you can enjoy yourself as well. Then you are able to have fun without having to take a pic to put on Facebook, or to Tweet people what you are doing.

Take time to smell the flowers and don't forget the antihistamine if you are allergic. Planning ahead can make a great time all the greater by not sniffling through an afternoon in the park.

Now that I hope you have had time to take a good couple of cleansing breaths while reading this- I would like to remind you that you don't have to do EVERYTHING in a day. You can start doing little things that make your family more prepared for the different hazards that you may go through. That means to stock up on water bottles so that if a storm (hurricane, tornado, or earthquake) or other natural disaster strikes, or even if just the electricity goes off for a few hours you can entertain yourself and your family and/or pets for long enough to not open the refrigerator unnecessarily or have to run out and fight the masses just to get last minute water, food, toilet paper, pet food, or batteries.

If we just do a few little things to help deal with what life throws us I think we can all get through the normal power outtages and be a little more prepared in case of something more serious. If you need more help thinking of things you can do you can Google or Bing your way to finding "how to be more prepared in an emergency" and try to remember that staying calm is important to you being at your helpful best.

-- Yours in Safety & Health --Debbie