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Safety First- Using Common Sense about Ebola & Flu Season

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We are once again running around and trying to gather as much information as we can to help our customers and our friends. Staying healthy during flu season is already stressful and now with Ebola being introduced into the US it makes it even more difficult to stay on top of what we should and shouldn't be cautious about. With all of the news outlets screaming to be heard and trying to break the news stories before anyone else does a WHOLE lot of different advice is being thrown around. 

Everyone has an opinion and we are not different here at By Dezign Products. We think that you should always be careful when you are coming in contact with other people, including family members that may be sick. We see that a lot of what has happened is people being unprepared for having to deal with as serious a virus as Ebola. We do have to be careful, but to be paranoid is not going to help any of us. We need to remember that when you prepare and have some basic infection control knowledge that we can all work together. 

Remember that fear is dangerous. Common sense, which is far from common, unfortunately, these days tells us that steering clear of as many germs as possible doesn't mean we have to get the Tyvek suit with hood and boot covers and an N-95 mask to go to work or the grocery store. The disease is spread through infectious waste, fluids and contact with infected people and animals. Proper hygiene and prophylactic care goes a long way in preventing it's spread. So, hand washing and keeping yourself away from people that are possibly infected is the best way. If you are a healthcare worker you need to take the additional precautions that are in place and if that means wearing double gloves and boot covers and the Tyvek suit then that is what you do. 

We have been providing body fluid clean up kits (Bio-hazardous Spill Kits) for over 13 years and believe you are still better to be safe than sorry when you have to clean up body fluids of ANY kind. If we can be of help to make a specific kit you need for your company or your organization, please feel free to give us a call or an e-mail to discuss options of what we can put in kits for you. We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem by getting people to buy things out of fear. If we all use our brains and do our part this will be a learning experience that makes us all stronger and better prepared in the fight against other virus and bacteria that are out there.

-- Yours in Safety & Health --Debbie